Day second of the 2nd edition of the Warsaw HVAC Expo is behind us.

The Warsaw HVAC Expo concluded its second day of the trade show full of excitement and innovations in the HVAC industry. The event brought together market leaders, expert seminars, and presentations of the latest trends. Mr. Dariusz Drąg, President of the National Trade Chamber, honored the most innovative companies by presenting trade medals in three categories.

In the “Trade Premiere” category, awards were given to companies that presented the most pioneering solutions during the expo: Klima-Therm, VENTIA, GREE-FREE POLSKA, and RAKOCZY STAL. Companies demonstrating outstanding innovation, such as Grupa Iglotech,, and Multi AWP, were recognized for their innovative approaches to HVAC technology, making a significant contribution to industry development. In the “Industry Media” category, the magazine Świat Kominków was acknowledged for its exceptional approach to promotion and communication related to the event.

Two key discussions took place during the Warsaw HVAC Expo. The first, featuring Mr. Tomasz Cebulak, CEO of Thermatec, a strategic partner of the expo, focused on innovations and perspectives in heat pump development. The second discussion with Mr. Dariusz Drąg, President of the National Trade Chamber, emphasized the essence of the event, highlighting its importance for innovation and industry development in HVAC.

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for exchanging experiences, establishing new business relationships, and learning about the latest achievements in the HVAC industry. Trade awards underscore the role of innovation and companies’ commitment to progress in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sector. We eagerly await the next trade day, which promises even more inspiration and modern solutions. Our journalists will also be here tomorrow at the Ptak Warsaw EXPO press studio in Hall F. You are warmly invited. The event starts at 11:30 AM, and trade medals will be awarded to the next inspiring companies at 1:30 PM.