Challenges for the industry, improving energy efficiency and networking. We invite you to the Warsaw HVAC Expo

Challenges for the industry, improving energy efficiency and networking

We invite you to the Warsaw HVAC Expo

Warsaw HVAC Expo is a response to the dynamically changing industry of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. This is a unique fair that combines highly effective networking with education about the future, innovations and changes in regulations that affect this sector. The event will take place on March 1-3, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the capital of the Polish event industry.

Market analysts and experts reported that the price of electricity in 2022 increased by about 25 percent compared to the year before. However, we know from practice that the increases could be higher. This is a significant difference for both businesses and private users who have faced rising prices for utilities, products and services over the last twelve months. This situation did not bypass the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology industry, posing a considerable challenge for it. That is why this sector needed a platform that would help it discuss changes, new regulations and improving efficiency thanks to dynamically developing technology. It became the international trade fair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology Warsaw HVAC Expo, which will be held on March 1-3, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the central trade fair point in Poland.

HVACR 360. Premieres, trends, legislation

The answer to the need to discuss the most important challenges for the industry during the Warsaw HVAC Expo is the HVACR 360 conference. It is an innovative concept, combining lectures by the most respected national and European experts with debates on the most important topics for this sector.

Due to the fact that the HVAC market is constantly evolving, the subject of the event is wide. Starting from new ecological challenges, through dealing with constantly more expensive energy carriers, and ending with requirements related to improving the energy efficiency of individual systems – experts will provide answers to the most bothering questions. Among them will be those who will deal with changes in duties and current and upcoming legislative changes in the HVACR industry. Others will focus on a wide and innovative spectrum of improving the efficiency of installations, as well as on trends in the market of heat pumps, air-conditioning and cooling systems, among others, for large industrial and warehouse facilities. In addition, there will be discussions on smoke extraction systems in the context of applicable regulations, but also the requirements and the most effective solutions for this sector.

During HVACR 360 there will also be practical presentations of partner companies, which, using their own example and solutions created by them, will show how to build and / or modernize refrigeration and air conditioning systems to significantly reduce operating costs and become more affordable in times of energy crisis.

The HVACR 360 conference is organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo in cooperation with the editors of the Chłodnictwo&Klimatyzacja: HVACR 360 – Premiery, trendy, legislacje.

Warsaw HVAC Expo. What will you gain as a visitor?

Warsaw HVAC Expo is a unique opportunity to expand subject knowledge in the field of management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. It is an opportunity to meet the most important industry leaders who will be happy to share the secrets of their innovative solutions and show which systems to introduce or modernize to gain efficiency. A large emphasis during the event is placed on networking and expanding the network of business contacts between visitors and exhibitors. We are committed to strengthening the industry, and nothing contributes to this more than a strong network of professional relationships.

At the same time, Warsaw HVAC Expo gives you the opportunity to negotiate the best payment and delivery terms with exhibitors, as well as take advantage of their unique offers, unavailable in other circumstances. In addition, the event allows you to increase your competences and qualifications by participating in an educational conference and making your own offer more attractive through solutions used by potential partners.

Warsaw HVAC Expo. What will you gain as an exhibitor?

Warsaw HVAC Expo is a place for industry leaders who want to take the next steps in its development. This event allows you to reach a highly defined and at the same time exceptionally interested in innovative solutions in the industry group of recipients. There are no accidental people during the event. There are only those who want to take advantage of the offers of companies present during the Warsaw HVAC Expo and expand the network of business dependencies.

This is a unique opportunity to shorten the sales cycle and build the foundations, and even finalize transactions with new contractors. The event also gives you the opportunity to learn about the full spectrum of competition activities and update your knowledge about the market.

Industry scope Warsaw HVAC Expo

During the Warsaw HVAC Expo, companies operating in the heating sector will present themselves. Among them there will be producers and distributors of, among others, heat pumps, heating devices, central heating installations, industrial installations or electric, gas, oil, water or surface heating. Entrepreneurs dealing with ventilation (ventilators, recuperators, air diffusers), air conditioning (air conditioners, air-conditioning units, fan coil units) and refrigeration (cold rooms, aggregates, coolers, condensers) will also be present.

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